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Thanjavur is considered as the heart of the Tamil Country with a civilization that had reached eminence under the Cholas. It played an important role in attracting talent and in keeping alive a crative tradition through many centuries. It is also a centre that disseminated ideas and styles. Thanjavur had been under Vijayanagar principality during the days of that empire. Telugu kings were patrons to Art and Literature, many scholars, pandits, Artists and other experts were migrated to Thanjavur from Vijayanagar kingdom Besides Nayak Kings Contribution, a new addition to Thanjavur culture was made by the Marathas. The Maharastrians, besides bringing thier own culture form their homelands, functioned as a bride over, which ideas and techniques from farther north flowed South wards.

The Thanjavur territory is dotted with great and ancient Temples through many centuries. It continued to be a Strong hold of a traditional culture that was built up by statesman and saints. The life of the ordinary people were not much affected by the political changes of the state. The religious life of the people centered round their great Temples and in the daily workship, festivals and celebrations. Thanjavur was also famous for its higly advanced handicraft industries. Decribing the city a British Officer Heming way, writing in 1906 states "Tanjore was known as the home of the fine arts under the native rulers who lay their patronage atratced to their capital the producers of most articles of luxury. The Tanjore brass work is deservedly famous and its ornamental pith work, Instruments are said to be unique. Hermingway also reports that There are still a number of families, who like by painting pictures.

Thanjavur school of painting may roughly to assigned to such a period in Southern India. It can be Considered as the final expression of a traditional society before it was overtaken by large scale changes and influences from a completely alien culture.